The History of the Tart Cherry

The ruby-red cherry has a very amazing record of providing a full array of natural health rewards to anyone interested in enjoying an active and robust daily routine. In fact the Red cherry has been around since the beginning of time and has traveled around the world. Since the beginning, the Red cherry has made its way from Southeast Asia to Middle Europe and finally over to early America by the very first settlers in the early 1600’s.

This unassuming fruit have crossed the palates of countless people from all corners of life for centuries. Its ruby-red color is not only tempting to observe but also the tart, yet sweet tang is a gratification to taste buds. This mutual combination has earned a spot on the dinner tables of ancient Roman conquerors, influential associates of the Chinese ancient society as well as the ancient Greeks. If Montmorency cherry could talk, it would tell everyone with wonderful stories of true romance, military conquest and travel exploits all through the ages.

Upon its arrival in the New World, the Sour cherry spread throughout the country. Over the centuries, it traveled from the eastern seaboard to the western seaboard. The tart cherry ultimately planted roots among many of the states of the 45th parallel. Why along the 45th parallel is the favorable weather patterns in these specific areas. The chief tart cherry growing states are New york, Utah, Washington, Wisconsin and Michigan. brThe fact of the matter is, the Northwestern Lower Michigan region of the State of Michigan recognized as the Traverse Bay Farms region turns out over 60% of all of the tart cherry production in the U.S.. In addition, the city of Traverse City, the major municipality in the region has earned the nickname “Cherry Capital of the World”. The reason for this nickname is the majority of the tart cherry farms and U-Pick cherry farms are located within a short drive of this city.

Plus, the very first cherry tree planted for profitable use was planted within only a short distance of Traverse City. The pioneer who is openly recognized to creating the whole tart cherry commerce is Mr. Dougherty. In 1852, Mr. Dougherty, a religious missionary sowed the original tart cherry tree on Old Mission Peninsula. After the initial trees ended up successfully producing this little red stone fruit, many soon became farmers and also began planting cherry farms. Thus, the tart cherry business soon began. After a few years, the very first official industrial tart cherry farms located in the State of Michigan were started in the year of 1893 on Ridgewood Farms on the Old Mission Peninsula. In truth, this initial farm is on the very spot of the site of Mr. Dougherty's first Red cherry trees.

By the first 1900s, the cherry industry was briskly spreading across Old Mission Peninsula. However, since the region is approximately 18 miles deep and only a mile or so wide at its widest spot, land on Old Mission was in high demand. Therefore, dozens of new budding tart cherry farmers began starting tart cherry orchards in several of villages and areas along Lake Michigan including Frankfort, Central Lake, Benton Harbor and Elk Rapids. The very first cherry processing plant was constructed just to the south of Traverse City. The newly built processing center was called the Traverse City Canning Company. This recently constructed plant guaranteed the recently harvested tart cherries to be washed, cleaned and processed and shipped to larger cities all over America including Detroit, Chicago, and Milwaukee.

As the industry matured many great tasting additional products began to be produced with the freshly harvest tart cherries including tart cherry juice concentrate and tart cherry juice. The tart cherry juice concentrate is an ideal way to get the amazing natural health benefit s of this Northwestern Michigan grown-fruit throughout the entire year. Check out Traverse Bay Farms.

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History of the Tart Cherry

Learn the amazing history of the tart cherry as it traveled across the globe.

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